Virtual Kitty: Owner's Manual

Virtual Kitty Owner's Manual
Thank you for adopting a Virtual Kitty! Here are a few tips on keeping your Kitty happy & healthy.

  1. After every action, you will get updated information on how your kitty is doing. The following categories are shown:
    • Happy (between 0 and 10) Tells how Happy your Kitty is. Kitties that are happier (higher number) tend to be healthier as well.
    • Hungry (between 0 and 5) Tells how Hungry your Kitty is. If your Kitty gets hungry, just click on the food bowl under "Actions" to feed them. Kitties that are fed tend tend to be happier.
    • Litter Box (betwen 0 and 3) Don't let the Litter Box get full, your Kitty doesn't like that.
    • Health (between 0 and 5) Make sure your Kitty's health doesn't get down to zero, or it will die. Kitties need exercise, but also need rest!
  2. When you are done playing with your kitty, click on the little door under "Actions" to leave it. Your kitty will take a nap while you are gone. Don't forget to come back and play with your Kitty. Kitties need attention from time to time, or they become unhappy, and hungry.
  3. If you need to look like you're working on something in a hurry, click the burning page icon, under "Actions" and you will instantly be sent to the page you choose when you create your account (by default: You can come back any time, and your Kitty will be right where you left it, waiting to play!
  4. Please visit our sponsors! Virtual Kitty is free to you, but costs us to have it on the web, and to pay our programmers. All we ask is that you visit one of our sponsors each time you visit. Just click on one of the banners and take a look. You can always come back at any time and play with your Kitty, and this will ensure that Virtual Kitty remains free.
  5. Tell your friends about Virtual Kitty! The more people we can get playing with their very own Virtual Kitties, the more things we will be able to do, like adding new toys, new features, and eventually more pets!

Feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions or suggestions. Questions: Suggestions:
Thank you again for joining the Virtual Kitty family! We hope that you enjoy the service, and can ensure you that the Kitties love the attention.

Ryan Brown
Virtual Kitty Webmaster

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